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Project R(eco)nstruct

Lynx Restoration Project

GOAL: To help establish a self-sustaining population of Lynx in Colorado.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) has launched an ambitious program to establish a self-sustaining population of the lynx in the Colorado Rockies. Once native to Colorado, this long-haired cat disappeared from the mountain regions of Colorado in 1973. In 2000, the lynx was listed as a “threatened” species under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

Since 1999, the Colorado DOW has released more than 200 lynx from Alaska and Canada in the state, hoping to restore the cat to Colorado. Although more than 115 lynx kittens have been born in Colorado since the restoration began, no newborn kittens have been detected during the past two years.

The Colorado DOW has made a commitment to raise $1 million to help fund this program, and has collected over $200,000 to date. If successful, this species recovery project can be replicated nationally, thereby benefiting many other wildlife species.

Fluidiam is committed to help the lynx restoration project, along with other worthy endeavors dedicated to save our planet’s natural resources. Fluidiam will donate 5% of our 2011/2012 income to help fund this project. You can help too! Buy one of our products to make a donation to the Lynx Restoration Project.

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